[Webinar Series] What you need to know about accounting and tax in China

  • When:
    Monday, 02 September 2019 until Thursday, 05 September 2019
    4:30pm - 5:30pm
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    This is a webinar session, 网络研讨会
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    Free of charge.


Have you created a budget for your China investment? Have you calculated your registered capital correctly? Have you opened your corporate bank account? Do you know how banking works in China? Have you started issuing VAT “Fapiao” invoices? Have you started negotiating your tax system in China? Do you know Chinese GAAP accounting standards? Have you created your profit repatriation strategies?

Woodburn Accountants & Advisors is offering a series of COMPLIMENTARY webinars on all these subjects. We will provide you with information and tools to enrich your China business skills and enhance your market entry efforts to achieve sales success on the Chinese market.

Who is this series for?

The series is aimed at international companies focused on inbound China investments. The companies are either looking to enter the market or already operating in the Chinese market.

What to expect?

  • ​Obtain the latest updates on local laws/regulations
  • Be equipped with practical solutions and best practices to tackle the most challenging issues in attracting and hiring employees in China



Kristina Koehler-Coluccia, Head of Business Advisory, Woodburn Accountants & Advisors

Since 2003 Kristina has been a leading expert in China inbound investment. With international expertise and cross-industry experience, Kristina is detail-oriented with a creative personality and a can-do attitude – important traits to have for China. She has supported start-ups, SME’s, multinationals and publicly listed companies with their China market-entry and expansion; focusing on their legal, corporate, tax and administrative needs.

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Monday, 2 September 2019 @ 9.30am BST/GMT

How to create your China budget and decide on the right registered capital for your China investment

Speaker: Kristina Koehler-Coluccia

Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2153235592308695308?source=Britcham

In the startup phase of your China company there is no room to overspend. Since budgeting allows you to create a spending plan for your capital investment, it ensures that you will always have enough money for the things you need and the things that are important for you to grow your business in China. It will also help you to analyze how much capital you need to put into that start-up phase of your China market entry. As your business grows, you may feel it’s too time-consuming to stay on top of every item spent by every department, every day of the week. Cost control may be unglamorous and difficult but it’s the one essential day-to-day process which could make the difference to your survival in China. In this webinar we will provide the importance in budgeting, tips on what you need to think about when budgeting and on how to calculate your mandatory registered capital amount.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019 @ 9.30am BST/GMT

Corporate banking in China

Speaker:Kristina Koehler-Coluccia

Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2231189867206476812?source=Britcham

Whether your latest investment in China is a Representative Office (RO), a Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), a Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise (FICE) or Joint Venture (JV), a key consideration for your business will be choosing the right bank. After careful consideration, be sure to sit down with a banker at the institution of your choice in China. Openly discuss with them the demands that your China business will require, and make sure that you have a clear understanding of their financial capabilities within China. Most banks will provide you with a good quality experience but understanding which is best for your business is a vital building block of your lasting success. In this webinar session we will provide a guideline of questions for researching the right bank and tips on how the tedious operational flows at banks work.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019 @ 9.30am BST/GMT

How the Invoicing “Fapiao” and Tax System works in China

Speaker: Kristina Koehler-Coluccia

Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/234956138235029260?source=Britcham

China operates a centralized invoicing system, known as the Golden Tax System which restricts companies to issuing invoices on government certified software, pre-numbered invoices and printers. The issuance of approved VAT invoices in China is strictly controlled by the tax authorities. Pre-approved paper invoices, fapiao’s, are provided by the Golden Tax System. In addition, China’s tax regulations are ever-changing and have been updated since 1 January, 2019. The tax system can be complex depending on the type of structure one has established. In this webinar session we will provide a detailed explanation of the invoicing system in China and how to maneuver around the tight controls and obligations as well as the new tax system impacting Small-Medium sized companies in China.

Thursday, 5 September 2019 @ 9.30am BST/GMT

Outbound Payments from China and developing Profit Repatriation Strategies

Speaker: Kristina Koehler-Coluccia

Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1584719911027825420?source=Britcham

In today's environment, with China as an increasing consumer market, many companies have a respectable part of their total value chain in China. Quite often this results in having money "trapped' in China. Through the appropriate business model, foreign investors can create solutions and structures to remit cash back to the shareholder or any other related/sister company. Often these models facilitate further growth and expansion in the Asia-Pacific region as well as increased management control, supply chain optimization and effective tax and legal structures. In this session we will provide methods available to foreign invested companies that are looking for ways to repatriate funds from China and understand the banking and tax procedures involved.  

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