iStage Musical Theatre Summer Camp 2019

  • When:
    Monday, 17 June 2019 until Friday, 23 August 2019
    10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Where:
    Venue to be released soon, 场地信息即将公布
  • Price:
    RMB 4980/1 week, RMB 9880/2 weeks

What does iStage summer camp to learn
Whether your dream is to perform on a Broadway stage, challenge and strengthen performance skills, or gain confidence through self-expression, iStage Academy’s musical theatre camps are designed to help young artists flourish!

Why you choose iStage summer camp

  • We provide students with plenty of high-quality performance opportunities.
  • We are inclusive. Everyone is welcome at iStage without auditions.
  • Our systematic programs structure allows the students to have a continuous learning experience and improve gradually.
  • Our full time academic team makes sure that the students are given plenty of attention during the academic year, both strength and weakness are well acknowledged by our teachers to make the students grow!
  • We are renowned in the international community, and work together with plenty of international and bilingual schools.
  • We organise multiple performances and events during the season. 


5-8岁 (Due to the intensity and requirements of the program, we cannot make any exceptions for students under 5 years old)
6/17-6/21: Annie
6/24-6/28: Wizard of OZiStage1
7/15-7/19: Peter Pan
8/12-8/16: Treasure Island
8/19-8/23: Matilda
RMB 4980/Session

9-16岁:1 week camp
6/24-6/28: Wizard of OZ
8/19-8/23: Matilda
RMB 4980/Session

9-16岁:2 weeks camp
7/29-8/09: Hercules
RMB 9880/Session


Daily Program


08.30-10.00. Early Drop-off
10.00-12.30. Morning Program
12.30-13.30. Lunch time
13.30-15.30. Afternoon ProgramiStage2
15.30-16.00. Snack Break
16.00-17.00. Masterclass
17.00-18.00. Late pick-up


08.30-10.00. Early Drop-off
10.00-12.30. Final rehearsal
12.30-13.30. Lunch time
13.30-15.30. Dress Rehearsal
15.30-16.30. Final Performance


1周营(5天): RMB 4980.00
2周营(10天): RMB 9880.00

Early Birds Price: 5% off before April 20th.
Group enrolment: 4% off for 2 people enrolled at same time, 8% off for 3 and more people enrolled at same time.
*Early bird price DOES NOT apply to the group enrolment

You can prepare your child a simple healthy lunch such as sandwiches. iStage staff will heat it up for him/her. Or you can order the lunch for your child. iStage can prepare lunch for your child at a charge of 30 RMB per day for the meal.

We also offer “Morning care and Afternoon care” 
You can drop off your child at iStage between 8:30-10:00am, and pick him/her up between 5:00-6:30pm. Our teachers and iStage staffs will organize some simple activities related to performing arts, such as making props, watching movies and reading books, etc.

Extract QR code for enquiry


Event contact

021 5072 5172 / 187 1794 6717