Complex Adaptive Leadership Programmes (2 days) | 敏捷组织 复合型高适领导力项目 (2日)

  • When:
    Friday, 08 November 2019 until Saturday, 09 November 2019
    8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Where:
    Venue details will be released to attendees., 具体地址请见注册后邮件
  • Price:
    Early Bird Offer until 20 Oct: RMB 12,000 for members; RMB 14,000 for non-members. (This is a pre-paid event.)


The programme is based on the international winning Gold Award for Executive Development by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), beating many leading business schools around the world. EFMD members number over 900 across 91 countries and in China include CEIBS, Tsing Hua and Beijing University.


Feedback | 个人学员/公司反馈

"One of the most engaging, provocative and enjoyable leadership development courses I have done in my career in IBM spanning three decades" - Fiona McMaster, IBM Vice President, Public Sector Leader - Asia Pacific

“To find leadership development for high level management is very challenging. We looked at all the best leadership development courses in the country and chose CAL. The two-day workshop, and Leadership 4.0, gave us a new view of leadership. One senior executive said he had done lots of leadership development workshops before but this one was the best and most practical.” - Amy Tang, Senior Director Organisational Development, Ming Niu

"我在IBM工作了三十多年,这堂课是我上过的领导力课程里让我最全情投入、最受启发、最开心的课程之一。" - Fiona McMaster,IBM亚太区公共设施事业部(Public Sector)负责人,副总裁

"给高层管理者选择领导力课程是一件非常有挑战的事。选课前我们对比了目前国内外几乎所有有关领导力发展的优秀课程,最后决定选用敏加公司的未来领导力这门课。两天的工作坊下来,果然不负众望,获得学员的高度好评。课前测评,以及课程中的很多理念,如领导力4.0和VUCA时代领导者需要在组织里落实的一些原则等,都给大家带来了对领导力新的认知和反思。一位高管反馈:"体验过许多领导力课程,相比而言,这次的学习更实用,更贴近当下时代特征。"- Amy Tang,蒙牛集团人力资源学习与发展高级总监

If you | 如果你在工作中

  • Often think you do not have enough time to get everything done 
  • Are under stress to get results faster
  • Need to achieve increasingly more with the same, or even less resource
  • Want those you lead to take initiative and be more self-organising
  • Strive for your team/organisation to be more motivated and engaged
  • Try to be more strategic and longer term in what you do
  • Find it hard to get your team/organisation to be creative and innovative
  • Operate and lead in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment where it is hard to predict outcomes with a high degree of certainty
  • 经常认为自己没有足够的时间来完成所有事情
  • 承担着需要更快获得业绩的压力
  • 需要实现越来越多的目标,但可用资源并没有增加,甚至更少
  • 希望下属能更多自动自发地工作
  • 努力让自己的团队/组织的主动性更强,工作更投入
  • 付出更有战略意义的努力,更能着眼长远
  • 发现很难让自己的团队/组织发挥创造力、很难创新
  • 在易变,不确定,复杂和模糊(VUCA)的环境中运营业务、领导团队,很难准确地预测未来的结果

If your organisation needs to | 如果你的组织需要:

  • Re-define leadership for a new age – so as to move your organisation away from "analogue" static and linear, traditional type to "digital", dynamic and agile organism
  • Get better results and more innovation from your people and teams, faster and for less resource and stress
  • Explore future direction and winning strategy in the face of VUCA challenge
  • Excellent customer experience and ever high employee engagement
  • 面临新时代,重新定义领导力 – 从而让您的组织从变化不多、线性运作的传统组织转型为灵动而敏捷的数字化有机体
  • 让您的员工和团队收获更好的结果、实现更多创新,而且效率更高,资源耗费更少,压力更小
  • 面对VUCA挑战,探索未来的方向和制胜战略
  • 创造卓越客户体验、不断提高员工敬业度

Then this programme is the right choice. 那么这个历时两天的高度互动工作坊就是你的明智选择!

What's in it for you? | 复合型高适领导力(CAL)综合性项目能给我带来什么好处?

This programme gets proven result. An analysis of some 700 managers from around the world has shown that the programme offers two key benefits: enabling more TIME to do more valuable things with reduced stress, and better TEAM motivation, empowerment and results.  

有证据表明该项目能够给学习者带来诸多好处。 一项针对世界各地约700名学习过复合型高适领导力项目的管理人员的分析表明,该项目给学习者带来的主要好处体现在时间与团队管理两方面:让学习者有更多的时间做更有价值的事情,而且压力更小,让学习者所在的团队更积极主动,赋能效果更好,团队绩效更好。

Target Audience | 课程受众

  • Have management experience (country/regional level)
  • Current role of managing people and having strategic impact on business success of their companies
  • 需具备国家级/地区级领导岗位的管理经验
  • 目前仍在组织里承担团队领导着角色,能够对其所在公司的业务成果产生战略性的影响

More Info | 其他信息

  • Pre-event: self-assessment questionnaire and customised report on team being currently led to understand hidden potential and on individual leadership strategy to understand improvement areas for individual leadership behaviors
  • Two-day workshop to introduce complexity science and complex adaptive leadership in a fun and highly interactive way
  • Each participant will receive: customised reports in regards to teams being led as well as individual opportunities for improvement, Learning Log Book; Aide Memoire; and a personal signed copy of "Future Leadership" from the author
  • The workshop will be Chinese and English with all materials available in each language as required
  • 前期准备:自评问卷和个人定制报告,帮助学习者个人了解自己当前带领的团队有哪些潜能可以开发,自己的领导力效能在哪些方面有待改进
  • 为期两天的公开课,以有趣而高度互动的方式,帮助学习者了解复杂性科学和复合型高适领导力的核心要领
  • 公开课期间,每位学员将得到:关于团队潜能与个人领导力发展机会的两份个人定制报告,学习笔记,备忘卡,以及一本有作者亲笔签名的中文书《未来领导力-成为VUCA时代的复合型高适领导者》
  • 工作坊语言为中文和英文,对应语言的资料将按需发放
Please click here to learn more about the detailed agenda and feedback from both individuals and companies. 
Sign-up and pay before 20 October to enjoy early bird prices. Full rates after 20 October will be RMB 15,000 for members and RMB 16,850 for non-members. 

Speaker Introduction

Nick Obolensky

CEO, Complex Adaptive Leadership Ltd

Nick’s speciality is improving organisational-wide effectiveness and transformation, based on empowering new forms of leadership, strategy and change. His experience includes:

Practitioner: UK Army Major (youngest at the time); Development Director/COS of a retail FTSE 100 company responsible for leading a large and successful organisation-wide transformation across 45,000 employees; CEO Tomorrow’s Company Ltd.; CEO of green energy technology start-ups;

Consultant: Executive Strategy Consultant of Ernst & Young (also ran Research Associates practice);

Academic: Professor of Leadership Nyenrode (MBA Professor of the Year more than once); visiting leadership professor: LBS, INSEAD, EHL, IMD; currently visiting professor at CEDEP, France.

Author: “Complex Adaptive Leadership – Embracing Paradox and Uncertainty” (Gower best seller,2 editions, as well as Chinese edition), “Practical Business Re-engineering – Tools and Techniques for Achieving Effective Change” (Kogan Page, with Chinese edition amongst other languages), “Leading Complex Projects” (ICCPM). His latest book “More for Less – How to lead an agile, adaptive and self-organising organisation” was published in summer of 2018. 




作为学者:曾任荷兰奈耶诺德大学(Nyenrode)领导力教授(多次被评为MBA年度最佳教授)、伦敦商学院(London Business School)、欧洲工商管理学院(INSEAD)、瑞士洛桑酒店管理学院(EHL)和国际管理发展学院(IMD)的领导力客座教授,现任法国欧洲高管发展中心(CEDEP,位于法国枫丹白露)的客座教授;

作为作者:个人专著有《Complex Adaptive Leadership - Embracing Paradox and Uncertainty》 (2014年第二版,2017年人民邮电出版社推出第二版的中文版《未来领导力 – 成为VUCA时代的复合型高适领导者》 ),以及《Practical Business Re-engineering – Tools and Techniques for Achieving Effective Change》(1993年), 2018年夏天出版《少即是多 –如何领导自组织化的敏捷适应性组织》。

Lucy QI 齐晓峰


Lucy has 25 years of HR experience. She has deep experience of the automotive industry working at senior levels for traditional companies such as Audi, GM, Michelin and CEIBS, as well as future based companies such as NIO. In that time she has led a lot of organisation and leadership development programmes including company cultural building, change management, and building HR system and teams. Lucy is a qualified coach and certified in MBTI as well as Harrison Assessments, DISC, Hogan, and PDP.

齐晓峰女士在人力资源行业拥有25年的从业经验。 她曾在奥迪、通用汽车、米其林和中欧商学院(CEIBS) 等传统类型的组织担任高管,也在蔚来(NIO)这样未来导向的公司担任全球人力资源负责人,在汽车行业积累了丰富的经验。在这些组织工作期间,她领导了许多组织和领导力发展计划,包括公司文化建设,变革管理,以及建立人力资源系统和团队。齐女士既是一名授证的教练,也是MBTI、Harrison、DISC、Hogan、以及PDP的授证讲师。

Bonnie Wang 王宾


Bonnie has over 20 years of working experience in cross-cultural environment, including 12 years as HR professional in China Branch of renown multinational corporations that enjoy worldwide leading position in chemical and shipping industries. Her work there was mostly involved in design and execution of projects concerning leadership development and deployment, change management, employee engagement, learning management, and performance management. Prior to her engagement in HR field, Bonnie was responsible for general business operation at an NGO with sponsorship from European Commission, supporting hundreds of enterprises from China and various countries in Europe to explore win-win collaboration possibilities. She also worked as a university teacher. Bonnie holds a Master’s degree of English Language from Ji Nan University. Having been deeply involved in translation of Nick’s book “Complex Adaptive Leadership – Embracing Paradox and Uncertainty”.

王宾在跨文化环境拥有20多年的工作经验,其中十多年在化工、航运领域占据国际领先地位的跨国公司大中华区工作,作为人力资源专业人士,擅长在企业内部设计和推行人才的开发和配置体系,引导组织的变革管理,提高员工敬业度,建立学习管理体系和绩效管理机制等。在成为外企HR之前,王宾曾服务于一家欧盟资助的非盈利机构,帮助中国与欧盟各国中小企业探讨建立双赢合作伙伴关系的各种可能性。王宾是《未来领导力 – 成为VUCA时代的复合型高适领导者》一书的中文译者之一。

Event contact

Hilary Wu