“Hacking Innovation” Talk [Training School]

  • When:
    Thursday, 18 January 2018, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Where:
    British Chamber Shanghai - We suggest that you enter the ZhangYuan community from the north gate on Taixing Lu (near Wujiang Lu)., 上海英国商会 (建议从泰兴路上的张园入口进入)
    No.9, Sub-lane 56, Lane 590, Weihai Lu, Jing'an District
  • Price:
    Members: ONE training credit, or RMB 800. Non-members: RMB1,280. (This is a pre-paid event.)

RSVP: Joanna.Zhang@britishchambershanghai.org (Click here to learn more about the Training Credits)

This training session will be of interest to HRs, trainers, CEOs, and management level professionals who would like their team to get fully up to speed with teamwork, creativity, innovation, leadership, and more.

If you want your staff and team members thinking big, creatively, and proactively, join this captivating talk where the FreshBiz Co-Founder, Ronen Gafni, will introduce the FreshBiz Business Game - a platform that gives your organisation fun game-based learning, to develop and simulate smarter ways of doing business. For your corporate trainers and your weekly team meetings, this kit easily upgrades the skills, tools, and mindset of your team.

Other key takeaways from the session:

  • Give your team the ability to see the big picture with vision.
  • Expand the day to day impact of your managers and leaders.
  • Give your team a new language, filter, and way to think together about creative business solutions.
  • Learn to maximise, optimise, and leverage resources in smart ways.
  • Develop a collaborative spirit of engaged and mindful team members.
  • Get your team great at spotting and creating opportunities…and taking action from it. 

The training session includes the following:

  • 90 mins on case study and strategic advice on using Freshbiz as a tool to improve innovation at work
  • 90 mins Freshbiz practice in teams of 3-8 people under the speaker’s facilitation


Fresh perspective - “We got a fresh new perspective on sales and leadership. We learned how to build an innovation-based culture, and most important, we got out of our comfort zones.”
Anat Amit, Pfizer

1 million in revenues - “Wow! Right after 50 of our top hotel mangers played the game we started implementing the concepts and ideas, and generated an additional 1 million dollars in the last 2 years.”
Ronen Cohen, Fattal Hotels

RSVP: Joanna.Zhang@britishchambershanghai.org (Click here to learn more about the Training Credits)

Location of the British Chamber Shanghai Office - we suggest that you enter the ZhangYuan community from the north gate on Taixing Lu (near Wujiang Lu)

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Cancellation Policy: Please note that if you need to cancel this booking, we must receive your cancellation by email no less than 48 hours in advance of an event. If we do not receive the cancellation notice by this time, the Chamber will have to charge you the full-price for the event, as this is necessary to cover costs automatically incurred by the Chamber on the registered attendees’ behalf.

Speaker Introduction

Ronen Gafni

Founder and Game Creator of FreshBiz, Author of The New Entrepreneurz

Ronen is serial entrepreneur, visionary global trainer, business coach, keynote speaker and futurist. Ronen regularly features on TV, radio and in magazines. He has trained over 15,000 people in 20 countries on innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, and his talks masterfully weave together new approaches to business, education, design, and lifestyle. 

Event contact

Joanna Zhang