SPIN® Selling Skills [Training School] SPIN®销售技巧培训

  • When:
    Friday, 14 July 2017, 8:30am - 12:00pm
  • Where:
    The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, 上海英国商会
    No.9, Sub-lane 56, Lane 590, Weihai Lu, Shanghai
  • Price:
    ONE training credit or RMB 800 for members. RMB1,280 for non-members. (This is a pre-paid event.)

RSVP: Joanna.Zhang@britishchambershanghai.org (Click here to learn more about the Training Credits)

This is a Chinese event. 中文活动.


上海英国商会有幸请来智上扬企业咨询有限公司首席顾问 - 邱晓文女士为会员带来这场SPIN®销售技巧的培训,分享她在谈判技巧和大客户销售策略方面的经验。




  • 荷仕卫国际针对全球顶尖销售人员的行为研究洞察
  • 说服力分析
  • 了解大订单购买决策是如何做出
  • SPIN® 模型介绍


  • 分析其现有销售风格的优点和弱点
  • 了解大订单购买决策是如何做出的
  • 了解高效销售人员在与客户进行沟通时的关键行为

培训日程 | Running Order

  • 8:30 - 9:00 注册及社交 | Registration and networking 
  • 9:00 - 11:30 培训 (含一次茶歇) | Training (including one tea break)
  • 11:30 - 12:00 总结及自自由提问 | Wrap up and Q&A

The SPIN® selling skills course provides you with the necessary tools and behavioural skills to help you become more successful in acquiring and developing new and existing accounts. This course is of relevance to B2B sales and business development executives who want to shorten their sales cycles, strengthen customer relationships and improve their sales skills. Participants will learn how to build value more effectively, for both clients and their own organisations, by uncovering clients’ indirect requirements or business problems in order to develop them into explicit.

SPIN®, also known as the consultative sales skills, stands for four categories of question: Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-payoff. SPIN® Selling Skills helps salespeople address issues such as: “Customers just don’t see why we’re worth a price premium.”; “Many of our sellers come from a technical background, so they talk about technical features instead of exploring the client’s business issues.” 

Described as “the only way to approach B2B selling” by one client, these techniques require sellers to move away from product-driven sales pitches and inflexible scripts to engage in customer focused, value-driven, consultative sales conversations. By delivering a set of essential verbal skills, this training event will help to give the audience a better understanding of the following topics: 

  • Huthwaite International research insights on top sales worldwide
  • Effective Persuasion
  • The psychology of decision making
  • Introduction of the SPIN® Model

Participants will;

  • have analysed the strengths and weaknesses of their present selling style
  • understand how major buying decisions are made
  • understand the key behaviours used by effective salespeople in their verbal interactions with customers

RSVP: Joanna.Zhang@britishchambershanghai.org (Click here to learn more about the Training Credits)

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Location of the Chamber New Office

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Cancellation Policy: Please note that if you need to cancel this booking, we must receive your cancellation by email no less than 48 hours in advance of an event. If we do not receive the cancellation notice by this time, the Chamber will have to charge you the full-price for the event, as this is necessary to cover costs automatically incurred by the Chamber on the registered attendees’ behalf.

Speaker Introduction

Sharon Chiou 邱晓文

Chief Consultant of ActionAd Communication Learning Center 智上扬企业咨询有限公司首席顾问

As former Vice President of Corporate Value Department of Zenith Optimeida China, Sharon led the human resources management and development project of the group to expand the number of employees from 100 to over 800.

Sharon is a certified trainer of “SPIN® Selling Skills”, ”Skilled Negotiator”, “Account Strategy for Major Sales” for Huthwaite International, "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People“ by Franklin Covey Center, “Allsorts Creative Thinking 、Strategic Thinking” ,“ PDP ”, and many other leadership and management workshops.


2001年应实力传播集团首席执行官邀请,出任实力传播副总裁。任内与其他最高领导管理层一起发动、规划与执行实力传播转型工程,为实力传播中国建构完整战略组织能力 以及管理七百多位员工之人力资源体系。

  • Sharon有十多年的讲师经验,将培育员工作为己任,是多项课程的授证老师,擅长销售、沟通和领导管理方面的课程,主要有:
  • Huthwaite "SPIN®  Selling Skills”, “Negotiation Skills”, "Account Strategy for Major Sales" 授证讲师
  • "Seven Habits for Highly Effective People“ 授证讲师
  • “Management Training Program” 授证讲师
  •  PDP (Professional Dynametric Programs) 授证讲师
  • Allsorts “Creative Switch”, “SOCceR”授证讲师

Event contact

Joanna Zhang
+86 21 6218 5022