Bright Eyes Project – Visit to Lixin County (12-15 April)

  • When:
    Wednesday, 12 April 2017 until Saturday, 15 April 2017
    8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Where:
    Lixin County, .
    Anhui Province
  • Price:
    Please find below the approximate costs for the trip.

A delegation from the British Chamber Shanghai will be making a trip to Lixin County to visit schools to carry out eye testing as part of the Chamber’s Bright Eyes Project.

We are looking for people to join us on our trip, which will be leaving on the afternoon of Wednesday 12 April and arriving back in Shanghai on the afternoon of Saturday 15 April.

This is a great opportunity for supporters of the Bright Eyes Project to get to see the project in action, and help support the work of the hospital staff.

We will spend two full days visiting schools in Lixin and carrying out eye testing. We would love our volunteers to help us either by teaching a class (a cultural class, English, or something that will get the children excited and interested) or helping organise games or activities with the children.

The basic outline is as follows:

Wednesday 12 April (approx 5.30pm)

Leave Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station arrive in Lixin around 10pm

Thursday 13 (all day)

Visit two schools in Lixin and carry out eye testing and interact with the students

Friday 14 (all day)

Visit two schools in Lixin and carry out eye testing and interact with the students

Saturday 15 (approx 10am)

Leave Lixin and arrive back in Shanghai around 3pm

The approximate costs for the trip are as follows:


1. RMB 500 - Return train tickets, second class
2. RMB 250/person - Transportation (car/bus) around Lixin


RMB 168 per night for a double room (breakfast included)


RMB 50 per person per meal (lunch and dinner on 13 and 14 April)

The Chamber will help to arrange hotels and transportation for those who wish to come with us.

If you are interested in joining this trip, and would like further information, then please contact Barry Kirkwood.

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Event contact

Barry Kirkwood
+86 21 6218 5022 ext. 42