Developing a Global Mindset [Training School]

  • When:
    Tuesday, 11 April 2017, 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Where:
    TBC, .
  • Price:
    Member Price: RMB 1,400 plus one training credit, or RMB 2,200. Non-member Price: RMB 3,600. Inclusive of lunch, coffee & tea. (This is a pre-paid event.)

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This workshop is an essential course for those who in a managerial position, dealing with diverse nationalities at work, or anyone who wishes to learn more about effective cross-cultural communication and managerial skills.

In today’s globalised, complex and uncertain world, global leaders need a new and broader set of skills that require more than simply learning how to communicate across cultures.

Global Leaders must be able to support and guide their teams on a global scale, overcoming internal cultural differences and misunderstandings, understanding how leadership is affected by cultural backgrounds. They also need to be able to relate individual core values with team and corporate values in a global environment, leveraging transformational leadership and the power of critical opposites.

This workshop includes the unique opportunity for participants to experience the Global Mindset Profile (the cost of this tool is covered by the participation fee) - an online self-assessment developed specifically to enhance self-awareness and understanding of how cultural differences impact our lives and workplace.

Even seasoned, cosmopolitan managers often have oversimplified ideas about how people from other cultures operate. That’s because they tend to zero in on just one or two elements—communication, for example, or decision making. But culture is more complex than that. 
To get an accurate picture, you need to gauge cognitive, relational, and behavioral differences along the eight dimensions where cultural gaps are most common—and to assess yourself in those areas.

This one day workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Developing Cultural Awareness
  • Cultural Dimensions and Culture Mapping
  • Zeroing in on Communication
  • Culture-focused Leadership
  • Negotiating in the Global Arena

Participants at this workshop will also discover the impact of their background, experiences and values has on the way they work with colleagues, manage their subordinates and lead their organisations.

Participants will also learn the basics of communication and negotiation skills in a global setting, as well how to overcome cross-cultural management issues, thanks to a toolkit that is specifically designed to meet the actual needs of current and future Global Leaders.

RSVP: (Click here to learn more about the Training Credits)

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Speaker Introduction

Fabrizio Ulivi

Managing Partner, SB&A – Shi Bisset & Associates

Chair of the Small and Medium Enterprises Focus Group since 2019, Fabrizio is Managing Partner at SB&A – Shi Bisset & Associates, an Organisational Effectiveness firm operating in Asia-Pacific since 1982.

With a passion for People and Leadership Development, Fabrizio is specialised in designing strategic solutions for organisations in China and the Asia-Pacific region in the fields of Organisational Development, Talent Management and Development and Learning Experience Design.

Dr. Shi Bisset

Founding Associate, Shi Bisset and Associates Ltd

An Organisational Development expert with a Global Reputation as a Master Change Agent and Coach.

Doctorate in organisational psychology and an expert on cross-global  issues.

Developing OD/HR capabilities, especially for M&As.

Senior Fellow of the world renowned Conference Board – the longest running international think tank on human capital development.

Event contact

Cher Lee
+86 21 6218 5022 ext. 24