For Events Registration & Membership Management, please follow the link below to login to your EventBank Account for now.


EventBank FAQs

The Chamber has migrated CRM and Event Management to EvenkBank on 10 March. Here we list some frequently asked questions to support our members for a smooth transition. We will keep updating this FAQ list.


1. Why didn't I receive the invitation email that allows me to create my EventBank account?

  • Please check your junk box.
  • Or, Your membership has expired and/or is due to renew. 

2. The link in the invitation email does not work.

There was a technical problem and now has been solved. Please contact Sharon.zhang@britishchambershanghai.cn so we can re-send an email with a new link to you.

3. I have an EventBank account already (with another organisation), do I need to create one more account?

No need. Both organisations’ memberships will appear under your account. You can, however, update/complete your profile with British Chamber Shanghai.

4. Do I have to create an EventBank account to register for Chamber events?

No. However, with an EventBank account, you will be able to not only register for events without typing your details every time but also access to the membership directory and manage your subscriptions.

5. Do I need to download the EventBank APP?

Using the EventBank APP will allow you to stay connected anywhere you go. In addition to managing your events registration, subscriptions and viewing membership directory, via the APP, you can also do the following;

  • Access to your virtual Membership Card for member benefits more conveniently
  • Easily check in to events by your personal QR code

6. What’s the difference between EventBank account and Chamber website account? (Can I use my website account password to login EventBank account?)

They are two independent accounts. Therefore, your website account password does not apply to the EventBank account. Please set a new password for your EventBank account.

Currently, we are at website upgrading phase one, where we will first migrate our CRM and event management to EventBank. Therefore, from now on, please log in to your EventBank account for events registration and membership management (no need to login to Chamber website account).

The rest of the website upgrading will be completed later this year – we will then present you with a brand new British Chamber Shanghai online platform.