Charity Committee

British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai Charity Committee


On behalf of members of the British Chamber, to develop a programme of effective giving, to benefit charitable work in East China. Working with charities which enhance the image of British Chamber and its members as responsible members of the local community. The Charity Working Group (Committee) will be run in an open and transparent manner and charities selected for the support of the Chamber should be sustainable and have long term benefit for the community.


  • Under supervision by the Chamber's Executive Committee, responsible for the selection of partners and the distribution of funds raised by British Chamber charity activities.
  • Authorised to use British Chamber's name in distributing funds.
  • Proposals for the main charity of the Charity Ball and donations over RMB 50,000 will be made by the Working Group, but must be endorsed by the Executive Committee.
  • Only monies actually received, with no costs outstanding, may be distributed.
  • The proceeds of specific events may be pledged to a selected partner in advance, but not specific amounts of money - unless this money is available in the charity account reserve.


Karen Banks (Chair)
Ian Crawford (Vice Chair)

Paul Ainslie
Neal Beatty
Claire Cuskin
Nathaniel Dudhill
Tristan Edmondson
David Ingram
David King
Phil Roebuck
Jacky Sun
Grace Wang
Howard Whiteson
Eunice Wu
Elyn Zhang

Barry Kirkwood (Secretary)

Any enquiries about British Chamber's charitable policy and individual projects should be directed to Barry Kirkwood at Committee members are expected to dedicate time and energy towards supporting the Charity work of the Chamber and the related Chamber events. If members would like to become more involved with the work of the Charity Working Group they may apply to join the committee by contacting a member of the committee. A nomination by a committee member must be seconded by another committee member. In the event that there are no reasonable objections the member will be elected to join the Charity Working Group.

The Charity Working Group is expected to meet once a quarter to review and discuss existing and potential charity projects and to discuss any other matters related to their work.


Proposals will be accepted on an annual basis, and must be submitted using the attached pro-format. Proposals not following this guideline will not be accepted. Proposals will be invited by open announcement, with an initial deadline of 30 September. Proposals submitted after this date will not be accepted. The Working Group will make a final decision on all proposals by 31 October at the latest. During this period of consideration, those submitting proposals may be asked to submit further information, or meet the Working Group for further discussion.

The decisions of the Working Group will be communicated directly to the individual submitting each proposal; and shall be final.


How will proposals be assessed?

  • British Chamber invites proposals from charities working in East China, with donations benefitting projects within this area (East China being comprised of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui). The Working Group believes that British Chamber can make most impact, and members can be more closely associated with charity partners, when it works locally. Proposals not in line with this geographical restriction will therefore not be accepted.
  • The Working Group will look for evidence in proposals of a sound organisational structure and clear accountability within each potential partner. Funds will not be granted to individuals.
  • Those organisations where the amount donated by British Chamber will make a real difference will be favoured.
  • Charity projects that meet our criteria and also allow for active engagement by the British Chamber and its members will be viewed favourably.


The Working Group may decide to organise fundraising activities in aid of those affected by a national emergency or exceptional crisis in China, eg an earthquake or other natural disaster. In this event, proposals for charitable work anywhere in China may be considered.


  • All fundraising events, payments of costs or guarantees to eg venues, will be organised by the office.
  • Before any commitments are made, the theme, budgeted income and expenditure for the annual Charity Ball will be prepared by the British Chamber office for approval by the Chair of the Working Group; and will then be endorsed by the Executive Committee.
  • The office will focus fund raising activities primarily in the interests of British Chamber members, and these will be branded British Chamber events.
  • The office will operate a bias towards supporting specific charities through each individual event, to ensure that contributors know clearly how their money will be used.


The British Chamber office will maintain the charity accounts, hold all monies raised and make all payments. The Chair of the Working Group shall authorise all payments to charitable partners, via the British Chamber office. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall authorise payments.

Donations will be made direct to the charity organisation, and British Chamber will expect to see receipts/fapiao for expenditure.

Copies of the charitable accounts will be made available to members on request.