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Published on 2020-07-07

Heart to Heart Shanghai have many upcoming events, fundraisers and activities that you can be a part of including an art competition, sewing and temporary volunteering. They are currently on the lookout for volunteers for their events - get involved!

2020 Arts for Hearts

It's almost time to submit art for the 2020 Art for Hearts art show to benefit Heart to Heart. We hope to sponsor many children for heart surgery through the sale of artwork this year, but can only do it if we have many artists participating. So, create a couple of amazing pieces for us and get your artistic friends to do the same. We have professionals and amateurs participating. Work will need to be submitted in August and September. April (WC id: aprilinwonderland) has all the rules so contact her for more details. Help H2H save lives! Note: If you have original artwork and are moving or no longer want it for some reason, you can submit that as well. We're received some amazing pieces in the past under such circumstances and would love to get more! Thank you for supporting Heart to Heart!

又到了为心连心艺术展 2020 Art for Hearts 捐赠艺术品的时候了。我们希望能用今年艺术展的销售所得资助很多孩子的心脏手术,而这个目标的实现离不开很多艺术家的参与。所以请大家为我们创作一些艺术品,并邀请您的艺术家朋友也加入其中。我们欢迎专业和业余艺术家参与。作品需要在八月和九月提交。April (微信 号: aprilinwonderland)那里有参与规则,欢迎联系她。帮助心连心一起挽救生命。 备注:如果您搬家中有艺术品不想带走了,您可以捐给我们。我们之前也接受了类似情况下的的艺术品捐赠,希望获得更多。 感谢您支持心连心。

Help Sew for the Heart Bears!

Since events and bazaars have started back up for Heart to Heart, our sales of heart bears have been on the increase. Although the knitters and seamstresses who volunteer for Heart to Heart in Shanghai are working really hard, they are having a hard time keeping up with demand. If you would like to knit or sew for Heart to Heart, please sign up by scanning our QR code for volunteering and come join the fun. We need you to help so that our heart bears have something to wear and we can sell them at events and thereby sponsor more children for heart surgery. The kids are waiting and we don't want to disappoint them and their families. Help! Also, if you are overseas and planning to come back to Shanghai any time soon, please us know by writing or Wechat "Karen-H2H". We'd love for you to bring heart bear outfits or Innocent Drink hats back with you. We have people all over the world trying to help, but we can't get their creations back at the moment. (It is too expensive to mail them since Heart to Heart has no operating budget.) We will try to link you up with knitters/sewers from your home country that have things to send back. There are literally hundreds of items we'd love to have on this end.  The new outfits made by volunteers all over the world would really help!

心连心的活动和市集都已重启,我们心心小熊的销量也不断上升。尽管我们的编织组志愿者们正在加速赶制,小 熊布偶仍然供不应求。如果您愿意为我们编织小熊,欢迎扫描期刊上的二维码报名加入我们。我们需要您的帮助 来准备活动所需的小熊布偶,义卖所得可以帮助资助更多的孩子完成心脏手术。孩子们和他们的家庭正等着我 们,不能让他们失望啦。 此外,如果您在海外但计划很快回到上海,请联系我们 或者微信"Karen-H2H"。我们希望您能为 我们带回心心小熊的服饰或者Innocent Drink的小帽子。我们来自世界各地的志愿者们都准备好了服饰和小帽子, 所以我们需要把它们运回上海。(国际快运费用太高了)。我们会将您和我们的编织志愿者配对已方便安排运送 事宜。我们有数以百计的东西要运回。这些来自世界各地的服饰能给我们带 来很大的帮助。

Call to High School Seniors to Volunteer for H2H 

It's no secret that 2020 has been a rather strange year for a lot of people in the world, but it has been especially tough on those that are more vulnerable or are going through transitions. As we approach the end of the 2019/20 school year, we can’t help but wonder what our new senior graduates will be doing the next 6 to 12 months. Normally, attending universities and/or traveling around the world seem like the most common choices, however, this year they may not be. So…what are the options for these young, bright and motivated adults (or for any high school students who will be in Shanghai over the summer)? The best option we can think of is to become a volunteer at a charity organisation, allowing them to not only help those in need, but also expand their knowledge and understanding of their community, learning that any skill can be helpful. And who needs volunteers? Heart to Heart Shanghai! Heart to Heart is a special fund of Ren De Foundation. We are a Shanghai based charity which provides corrective surgery for Chinese children from all over China with congenital heart disease (CHD) whose parents are unable to afford the surgery. How do we do it, you wonder? Well, we have many different projects and areas dedicated to help raise money to sponsor the surgeries as well as to assist the children and their families, and anyone 15 years old and above can join any of them!

For example:

  • Help sort out all the donations we receive at the Assembly session (generally every Tuesday morning and the last Thursday evening of the month).
  • Come play with the children currently recovering from the surgery at the Playroom (every day of the year from 2-4pm).
  • Attend and participate at events to raise money for H2H (please see our website for current and future events taking place). 
  • Knit, sew or crochet some cute & cool outfits for our bears.
  • Take on some project in your community and/or school to raise money and/or collect donations (clothes, blankets, books, school material, household cleaning products, toys, Shanghai transportation cards, etc.)

H2H is a very friendly group where any skill is welcome and people are assigned to help wherever they feel happy and assist with tasks they enjoy. We guarantee you won’t regret joining us and helping children have a future!

对于世界上很多人来说2020年是与众不同的一年,这已经不是什么秘密了,但对于那些更脆弱或正在经历转型的人来说,这一年尤其艰难。随着2019/20学年即将结束,我们不禁要问,未来6至12个月,我们的新高中毕业生将做些什么。通常,上大学和/或环游世界似乎是最常见的选择,然而,今年可能不同。 那么对于这些年轻、聪明、有上进心的成年人,或者暑假将要来上海的高中生有什么选择呢?我们能想到的最佳选择是成为一个慈善组织的志愿者,让他们不仅帮助那些需要帮助的人,而且扩大他们对社区的知识和了解,学习技能,都能有所帮助。谁需要志愿者?上海心连心!心连心基金是仁德基金会的专项基金。我们是一家总部设在上海的慈善机构,为来自中国各地的先天性心脏病患儿提供矫正手术,这些患儿的父母负担不起手术费用。我们有很多不同的项目,致力于帮助筹集资金赞助手术以 及帮助儿童和他们的家庭。


  • 帮助整理物资(一般是每周二上午和每月最后一个周四晚上)。
  • 来游戏室和正在手术中康复的孩子们一起玩(每天下午2-4点)。
  •  参与筹款活动(请访问我们的网站了解当前和未来的活动)。
  • 为我们的熊编织、缝制或钩编一些可爱又酷的衣服。
  • 在你的社区或学校开展一些项目来筹集资金或募集捐款(衣服、毯子、书籍、教材、家用清洁用品、玩具、上海 交通卡等)

H2H是一个非常友好的团体,任何技能都是受欢迎的,志愿者会在有兴趣的领域参与活动。我们保证您不会后悔 加入我们,一起帮助孩子们拥有未来!

H2H Volunteer QR

For more details, please download the full version of the H2H July Newsletter below.

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