Two More Heart to Heart Children Completed Heart Surgeries

Published on 2020-05-25

Good news from Heart to Heart recently, due to two social insurance refunds recieved, two more Heart to Heart children benefited from it and completed their heart surgeries.

Hao Mingxuan, a four-year-old boy from Anhui Province, had the open heart surgery he needed on 11 May.  At the beginning of April 2020, Hao Mingxuan was taken to Fuyang Hospital Affiliated of Anhui Medical University for treatment because he was ill. It was his first checkup.  Doctors found that he had congenital heart disease which required surgery.  The family couldn't afford the surgery so left to find a way to get him the surgery he needed.  There are five people in the family - grandparents, father, aunt and Hao Mingxuan. They have two mu of land for rice. 

Rao Meifang, an eight-year-old girl from Jiangxi Province, had her open heart surgery on 15 May. When Rao Meifang was a few days old, the county hospital told her parents that she had a heart problem.  They referred her to Nanchang Children's Hospital for further examinations.  She was diagnosed with complex congenital heart disease. The child's lips and fingers were purple.  They said that she required surgery, but the family was unable to afford it so had to leave.  There are five people in the family - grandparents, parents and Rao Meifang. The grandparents are old and only have the basic ability of self-care.  The mother suffers from intermittent mental illness and has taken medicine for a long time.  The father must stay home to take care of the family. He can't go out for migrant work as a result.  He can only do odd jobs near home. 

Karen Carrington, Executive Director (Volunteer) at Heart to Heart Shanghai said, "Thank you so much for your continued support and we truly appreciate everything you do for Heart to Heart. Rao Meifang has waited a long time so I know she and her family are thrilled that the surgery was finally able to be performed."

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