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Published on 2020-04-13

Give an orphan some bread, you feed him for one day; teach him how to bake, you feed him for a lifetime! | 授人以麦,三餐之需;授人以焙,终生之用!


SYB is a charity programme providing free training in French bakery to marginalized Chinese youths aged 17 to 23, enabling them to find qualified jobs and lead independent lives after graduation. These young people had to drop out of school because of their family situation (e.g. parents’ death, sickness, disability or imprisonment) and are excluded from stable employment.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, SYB students follow a one-year training in which they learn valuable skills such as French bakery and pastry, Chinese bakery, life skills and English, combined with practical internships at five-star hotels. Due to the high demand of qualified bakers on the Chinese market, 30 students each year start a new life as bakers or pastry chefs and are able to support themselves and their families.

The charity programme was founded in 2009. In 2011, SYB created a social enterprise that offers a wide range of services, such as public baking classes, catering service, consulting and training services for bakery professionals. All proceeds go to the SYB charity programme.




Projects | 项目

Education charity programme | 教育项目 

Training Programme: Based on the French "alternance" training concept that is very popular in Europe, SYB’s training programme allows our students to acquire excellent baking and life skills by alternating 2 weeks of classes at school with 2 weeks of practical internships at international 5-star hotels.

Mission France: SYB selects two graduates based on their outstanding capabilities every three years to study at the École Christian Vabret (formerly École Française de Boulangerie et Pâtisserie d’Aurillac, EFBPA), a partner of SYB and one of the best French bakery schools in France. After successfully graduating with the C.A.P. diploma from EFBPA, the two graduates will return to China to become teachers at SYB.


进修法国:海上青焙坊每三年选出两名成绩突出的学生,派到法国奥里亚克烘焙学校深造。该学校是海上青焙坊的合作伙伴,也是法国最好的烘焙学校之一。在获得法国奥里亚克烘焙学校的专业技能合格证书 (C.A.P.) 之后,两人将返回海上青焙坊执教。

Social Enterprise services | 社会企业服务

  • Public Baking Classes: Providing public classes teaching how to make delicious breads and pastries.
  • Corporate Teambuilding: Providing innovative and meaningful team building activities for companies or institutions.
  • Weekend Markets: Selling traditional French bakery products at local weekend markets.
  • Catering Service: Providing online ordering from regular menu and customization
  • Consulting Service: Providing professional training and recipe development or improvement.
  • 烘焙公开课程: 提供教学如何做美味的面包和甜点的公开课。
  • 企业团建:提供为企业或组织服务的团队建设活动。
  • 周末集市:在集市上售卖传统法式烘焙产品。
  • 订餐服务:可在线上订购日常菜单产品和订制服务。
  • 技术咨询:提供专业培训和产品研发及升级。

Supports needed | 需要的支持:

Financial Donation:

For extra spending due to the COVID-19 pandemic: 

  1. Students living expense for about 3 months, including expenses on food, transportation, and mobile phone plans.
  2. Fees for quarantine for 29 students when they return to Shanghai.
  3. We still seek sponsorships for the next Mission France project (starting from September 2020 for one year) to support our future teachers’ life and study in France.

You can either directly support us or indirectly support us by purchasing our social enterprise services. Please follow our WeChat official account for the latest updates.

For our catering service, please visit:



  1. 学生们的生活费用,包括伙食费,路费以及通讯费用;
  2. 29名学生返沪后隔离的费用;
  3. 我们仍在寻求下一次进修法国计划(2020 年 9 月开始,为期一年)的赞助,以支持我们未来的老师在法国的学习和生活。



Material Donation:

  1. We need eggs as ingredient for student training and social enterprise service.
  2. IT services donation is much welcomed.


  1. 我们需要鸡蛋, 作为学生训练和社会企业服务的原材料;
  2. 我们十分欢迎 IT 服务捐赠。


We need volunteers for our weekend markets and IT service.




Website 官方网站: (ENG/中文)
WeChat official account 公众号: ShanghaiYoungBakers海上青焙坊

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Enquiry/Catering Customization Service 咨询和订餐定制服务:

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