St. Andrew's Ball Sponsored Heart to Heart Child Completed Heart Surgery

Published on 2019-12-22

In June 2019, the British Chamber Shanghai's Community Outreach Committee made a donation to Heart to Heart Shanghai sponsoring children for heart surgeries.

The 2019 St. Andrew's Ball raised in total RMB 32,584 to support Heart to Heart Shanghai, a charity provides corrective surgery for children from all over China with congenital heart disease whose parents are unable to afford the surgery.

Recently, we recieved a good news that a three years old boy from Jiangsu province completed his heart surgeries with the proceeds from the ball and is now recovering nicely. 

The Message from Heart to Heart Shanghai:

Zhang Shenyu and his family are going to have a very happy new year holiday because of the what the proceeds from the St. Andrews Ball has done for them.  Zhang Shenyu is a three years old boy from Jiangsu province.  When Zhang Shenyu was seven months old, his parents took him to a doctor for the first time because he was ill.  The doctors discovered he had a heart problem and told the parents that he needed to be checked thoroughly.  After that, his parents took him to Suzhou Children's Hospital and Nanjing Children's Hospital for reexamination.  They both told them that Zhang Shenyu had complex congenital heart disease and needed surgery asap. The family couldn't pay for it, however, so had to go back home to try to raise the money.  There are 5 people in the family - a grandfather, parents, a 17 year old brother and Zhang Shenyu. They have 5 mu of land for wheat and rice.  The grandfather farms.  The mother looks after Zhang Shenyu.  The father works as a driver in Suzhou.  They make around RMB 30,000 per year, but were unable to get a loan big enough to pay for the surgery.  

The "bits and pieces" of your donation above and beyond the RMB 30,000 helped Zhang Shenyu have the open heart surgery he desperately needed on 17 December.  He is doing well.  In fact, he was just taken off the critical list and has now been transferred into the Recovery Unit.  He should be able to have visitors as early as tomorrow.  Hopefully, someone from the British Chamber is spending the holidays in Shanghai and will be able to visit him.  I know that his parents would love to meet you and he would enjoy the attention.  Let me know if one of the times below works for you and I'll set it up.

Thank you so much for helping him.  He wouldn't have been able to go on much longer without your intervention.

Best regards,

Karen Carrington, Executive Director (Volunteer) at Heart to Heart Shanghai 

The child can have visitors now until 27 December. Chamber members who would like to pay a visit to them, please contact