British Chamber Shanghai Sponsored Heart to Heart Children Completed Heart Surgeries

Published on 2019-08-21

In June 2019, the British Chamber Shanghai's Community Outreach Committee made a donation to Heart to Heart Shanghai sponsoring children for heart surgeries.

So far three children have successfully completed their heart surgeries and are now recovering nicely. Those children are:

Jian Shen Zhu Zha, a ten-year-old boy from Tibet, had his first physical examination conducted in school in June and has been told by doctor that he needed a heart surgery.  Unfortunately, Jian Shen Zhu Zha's family doesn't have enough money to pay for the surgery.  There are four people in the family - all are herdsmen.  Only Jian Shen Zhu Zha has gone to school, and the others are illiterate and live only on the herding.  The famliy has 30 sheep and 30 cattle with an annual income of RMB 10,000.  They couldn't borrow enough money to pay for the surgery.

Wang Yuxuan, a three-year-old girl from Anhui province.  Wang Yuxuan's mother had her child's heart checked during her maternity examination so they knew that Wang Yuxuan would be born with congenital heart disease (CHD | 先天性心脏病).  After birth, Wang Yuxuan was examined in detail in Hexi Children's Hospital and officially diagnosed with congenital heart disease.  In December 2018, she was reexamined in Nanjing Children's Hospital and was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD | 室间隔缺损) and patent ductus arteriosus (PDA | 动脉导管未闭).  The child is very susceptible to illnesses.  There are six people in the family - grandparents, parents, a newborn sister and Wang Yuxuan. They have two mu of land for rice cultivation.  The grandparents do the farming.  The mother takes care of the children.  The father does odd jobs and is able to earn about RMB 12,000 a year.  At present, the family owes more than RMB 40,000.

Xu Fengke, a one-year-old boy from Shandong province, had difficulty feeding when he was two months old.  His family took him to the county hospital for examination.  The doctor heard a murmur in his heart and thought he must have CHD. Later, they went to Jinan Provincial Hospital for re-examination and he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.  The child has very low resistance.  There are four people in the family - parents, a four years old brother and Xu Fengke.  They have one mu on which they grow trees.  The mother has been taking care of the children at home since the first child was born.  She has no income.  The father joined others in opening a mobile phone store in the county town a year ago.  It didn't work out and now he has no job.  He intends to wait for Xu Fengke to recover after his surgery and then he will look for a job.  Currently, he is looking after the land with the mother.  At present, the family owes RMB 20,000 in medical bills.  They couldn't borrow enough money for the surgery Xu Fengke needed. 

Karen Carrington, Executive Director (Volunteer) at Heart to Heart Shanghai said, "the Chamber's donation came at just the right time. It has allowed these children to have the surgeries they needed. They are extremely grateful!"

The children can have visitors now until 28 August (exclude weekends). Chamber members who would like to pay a visit to them, please contact