New Industrial Dough Mixers Put into Use for Shanghai Young Bakers

Published on 2018-10-23

At the British Chamber Shanghai Annual Ball in May, fund was raised to support Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) to purchase new industrial dough mixers for the training kitchen replacing the existing mixers.

Thanks to our members' generosity, funds raised enabled SYB to purchase 11 new industrial dough mixers for the training kitchen. To date, eight have been put into use. The Chamber's contribution will make a sustainable difference, not just for this year but over the life of the mixers. 

SYB 1  SYB 2

Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) is a charity programme which provides a one-year fully-sponsored training in bakery and pastry to underprivileged Chinese youth aged 17 to 23, enabling them to find qualified jobs and to lead independent lives after graduation.

SYB provides a well-rounded education that, in addition to practical and theoretical baking classes, includes life skills (communication, self-awareness, nutrition, hygiene, financial management, CV writing…), English, outings (cultural, sports, social), and a part-time internship at 4- and 5-star international hotels.

The young people SYB helps are not only in situation of poverty but have also usually lost one or both of their parents, or have to financially support seriously ill or disabled relatives, and are thus under pressure to terminate their studies and start working as soon as possible. Without a strong academic background or technical skills, they often end up in unqualified menial jobs with little opportunity for development or long-term prospects, and therefore have little chance to lift themselves out of the poverty cycle.

There are some easy ways how companies can get involved, all proceeds go to the charity programme and help train more young people in need:

  • breads, pastries, cakes and customised orders / catering for company events
  • half day baking class and workshops as an innovative and fun teambuilding activities
  • bread/cake basket subscription with products freshly baked by SYB students that company employees can enjoy as afternoon tea

SYB is constantly looking for social-minded companies and institutions that would like to develop their CSR strategy by building a partnership with a charity programme. Please contact Martina Beszédesová, Resource Development at Shanghai Young Bakers, Tel: +86-13524976575, Email: with inquiries.