Volunteering Opportunities with Heart to Heart Shanghai

Published on 2017-01-10

Heart to Heart Shanghai is looking for volunteers to help support their work this year.

h2hHeart to Heart Shanghai is a non-profit community outreach organisation composed entirely of volunteers who donate their time to give support to Chinese children from extremely poor families who are undergoing heart surgery. They started in 2003 by conducting hospital play sessions one day a week in one hospital, but have grown greatly in scope. They now:

  • Sponsor extremely poor children from the provinces for heart surgery
  • Oversee and volunteer in 2 hospital playrooms 7 days a week
  • Donate school libraries in poor rural areas

More details about their Group Volunteer Opportunities can be found below:

Why visit Heart to Heart Shanghai?

  • Provides volunteer opportunities for schools and businesses
  • Helps groups achieve CSR and school/college community awards
  • Helps build relationships and encourages teamwork
  • Introduces individuals to the concept of volunteering


Assembly Room Activities

  • Sorting and packing of in-kind donations and toiletries
  • Cleaning and tidying
  • Preparing fundraising products - simple assembly (sewing and packing)
  • Preparing yarn for our knitters - winding and detangling
  • Learning to knit blanket squares for our sponsored children.

Hospital Playroom Activities

  • Art activities (groups will need to provide their own art equipment)
  • Sorting toys
  • Cleaning and tidying

One-off Projects

  • Be creative - think of idea and we'll try to help you implement it
  • DIY jobs
  • Drives (shoes, clothes, toys, books etc...)
  • Annual Events/parties (Children's Day, Christmas, CNY parties, etc...)


  • Hospital policy does not allow groups to visit children in wards
  • Group size - maximum 15 guests
  • Minimum age of volunteers - 15 years of age
  • Group volunteering opportunities are usually conducted at Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital although alternatives can be considered

If you or your company are interested in volunteering, then please visit the Heart to Heart website or contact Karen Carrington directly at execdirector@h2hsh.net