Bright Eyes Visit to Lixin in January 2017 – Volunteers Welcome

Published on 2016-12-08

The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai aims to return to Lixin in January to deliver glasses to those students who were tested in November and were found in need of glasses to help their vision.

nov visit

We are provisionally looking to make the trip in the week beginning Monday 16th January*. The trip will take 2-3 days and we are looking for volunteers who are members of the Chamber and staff of our member companies to join us in delivering the glasses to the students.

If you are available to join us on this trip and would like to be kept updated on trip, then please contact Barry Kirkwood.

*Please note that the trip will go ahead if the weather is suitable to travel to and around Lixin in mid-January – we will keep all prospective attendees updated.

About the Bright Eyes Project

nov visit 2Bright Eyes is an opportunity for members of the British Chamber of Commerce to adopt a CSR charity project that will improve the lives of under-privileged children in rural China.

For the past seven years the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai has been improving the educational environment for the children of Lixin County, Anhui Province. Located 700Km northwest of Shanghai, this is one of the poorest regions in east China and many of the students are the children of migrant workers or farmers. As such they have become the forgotten children with regards to education and healthcare.

To date, the Chamber's support has been through the refurbishment of classrooms, supplying new desks, chairs and libraries. The Chamber is now extending that support to include eye testing and, where necessary, the supply of prescription glasses. In rural China many children can go through their entire educational life without having their eyes tested. As a consequence, many children with impaired vision will underperform educationally. Providing prescription glasses to children who need them will greatly improve their chances of a better education and a brighter future; this is ‘Project Bright Eyes'.