Impact on Immigration

[Updated on 28 June, 2016]

As a result of the EU referendum vote to leave the UK, immigration rules are likely to change in the future, however, for the time being the current thinking is that immigration rules will remain as today for the two-year period once Article 50 is invoked. Non-British UK residents and business visitors from the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland are likely to be affected by any changes to immigration rules.

Immigration rules are complicated and may change depending on exactly what is negotiated in terms of Britain’s exit from the EU. It is expected that how long someone has been in the UK will make a difference – more than five years and there’s an option to apply for a card certifying permanent residence which proves a right to live in the UK indefinitely. Those with more than six years might be eligible to apply for British Citizenship. Those with less than five years - be they business visitors, students, self-employed people or entrepreneurs - may need visas or an another form of authorisation to remain in the UK. Source: KPMG EU Referendum micro-site>>

Clyde & Co - Brexit and UK Immigration: The new reality and 5 key considerations

In 2008, the UK implemented its Points Based System for non-European workers, but the vote to leave has the appearance of the most significant change in UK immigration law for a generation.  No substantive detail is available and so whilst any comment about new rules and regulations is speculation, check out the five key considerations for the present time.