What We Do

We support the business endeavours of our member companies and individuals in the East China region, helping them to succeed and grow their business.

The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai has a long history of serving members‘ needs in Shanghai. The combined expertise of the membership spans industries ranging from financial services, legal services, business consulting, engineering and manufacturing to agriculture, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, research and development, logistics, aerospace and more. As such, the Chamber aims to satisfy a broad spectrum of needs and interests. Here is what we can do for you:


Whether looking to widen your contact base or start building one, our array of social, business, gala and exclusive events will help you do so, as will participating on industry Focus Groups, attending joint-chamber events and speaking to government officials - opportunities we provide.


Through sponsorship, advertising and our online communication channels, we can increase the exposure of your company to the membership. Focus Group participation or involvement in charity initiatives will build your company's reputation as an active member of the British business community.


Not sure how to set up WFOE? Curious about what schools in Shanghai offer the British curriculum? We connect members with the experts who can help. Our online members' forum, information centre and resources section offer a wealth of information to which members themselves can contribute.


In China, the rules and regulations affecting businesses change frequently. We keep members up to date, addressing current issues of concern, hot-button topics and social and economic topics of interest through regular business events and content on our website that is updated daily.


We believe in a soft sell. We do not actively promote the services of individual member companies, but we invite you to be a speaker, host a Member Spotlight in our boardroom, co-sponsor events with us and help generate engaging online content that allows your expertise to speak for itself.


We work closely with the British Consulate and other partners to provide the best possible services to our members including our Business FastTrack visa scheme and Privilege Club discounts, referral service, membership directory and online communications platform and more.